Duvet cover

Disposable duvet cover - 150 x 200 cm - single - 10 pieces

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You want to cover your duvet with an inexpensive duvet cover, this disposable duvet cover is a best.

The material is an non-woven material, you can use it on any duvet (disposable or not) and for several month (it won't tear) but of course the same hygiene conditions applies as for a regular duvet cover.

You won't have to clean it but replace it, it can't be washed.

This duvet cover is recyclable and save the environment by decreasing the number of washing and use of powder and water.

The parcel includes : 10 pieces of duvet cover.
Size : 150 x 200 cm (60 " x  80 ") - single
colour : White

Luxurious Disposable Duvet / Comforter Cover - 10 pieces (150 x 200 cm) or (230 x 240 cm) and (240 x 260 cm)

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Set of 10 Disposable, non-woven luxurious material duvet covers, available in two sizes: for single (150 x 200 cm) and double (230 x 240 cm) sized beds.

If you're looking for an high quality yet affordable solution to cover your duvets or comforters, this disposable duvet cover is a must! Practical and made of a resistant material, it's sure to last for several weeks or months. The material is non-woven, which means you can use it on any type of duvet or comforter (disposable or reusable). Of course, the same hygiene conditions apply to this cover as for any other duvet cover.

The luxurious line uses a thicker and more soft material, which is especially important if the client will come into direct contact with the cover.

Not intended for wash, this cover is easy and economical to replace. It is recyclable, meaning you can do your part to save the environment and cut your operating overhead by limiting your establishment's consumption of water, detergent, and costly labour.

Colour: White 
Quantity: 10 pieces, each wrapped in individual packing.
Sizes available (choose from box on right hand side):

Single; 150 x 200 cm (60 " x 80")
Double, 230 x 240 cm (92" x 96")

Luxurious Disposable Duvet / Comforter Cover - 10 pieces (150 x 200 cm) or (230 x 240 cm)