Disposable slipper - for Spa wellness centre and swimming pool

Black disposable slippers
Buy 5 sets (-5%) or 10 sets (-10%) 20 sets (15%) of 20 pairs and get a discount

Black or chocolate Deluxe

These specially made slippers will improve your image to your guests. Give a spot of "quality" to the hotel while helping to cut your expenses and control that runaway budget.
This slipper comes in white and is made of a soft sponge-like material.
its underside is non-slippery so it can also be used in wet areas and the pool
The sleeper comes in packages of 20
 2 sizes women (41 Europe) from 5 to 8 and men (to 45 European size) 8 to 11.
  • black or chocolate
  • anti slippery sole
  • fluffy