Disposable Soft and Spongey Absorbtex Bathrobe - Pack of 10 units

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Sponge-like disposable terry cloth bathrobe. Super absorbent, this bath robe is ideal for swimming pools, spas, saunas, locker rooms and beach resorts. The famous Absorbtex material makes these bathrobes a guest favorite..

Caractère's Coif'hygiène division invented the first disposable bathrobe made of a spongy material.

We've innovated that line once again to offer a third generation of our famous bathrobes, with an even softer material than ever before, imprinted with the sought after honeycomb texture.

This new bathrobe includes pockets for its wearer to carry his or her personal items. This bathrobe is so luxurious yet affordable that it poses no problem if the client takes it with him or her - consider it an extra gift for their loyalty.

A belt secures the bath robe to ensure it fits clients of all shapes and sizes comfortably. Since the robe is "one size fits all," that means more cost savings for you by avoiding the need to order various sizes. To accommodate for the evolution of the typical body shape, we've also created an extra large size.

Our unique Absorbtex material is very durable and resistant to wear, but also soft to the touch and highly absorbent.

Salons and spas can use these robes for messy treatments (such as oils or mud), but they are also ideal for days spent by the pool or in the sauna.

Material: Absobtex nonwoven, 100% biodegradable

Quality: Super absorbent (up to 500 times its weight in water)

Sizes: Normal and Extra Large

Colour: White

Quantity: 10

 This disposable sponge bath robe is already used in numerous day spa and hotels.

Pratical and very absorbant it wipes perfectly clients after bath, shower or use of oil or must treatments.

It's so impressive that clients are asking to leave with.

If you have required more than 30 pieces, please contact us directly to info@coifhygiene.com


Fabric : Non woven Absobtex 100% biodegradable
Quality: Super absorbtion (500 times its own weight).
Sizes: 2 Lady and Gent
Colour : White