VYLEX Pillowcase - Microfiber - Washable - Semi-durable - Set of 5 pieces

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Less washing + Less drying = More savings and time.

Thanks to its strength and lightness, you can fill your washing machine drum with 35% more VYLEX pillowcases than with cotton ones. With its special microfiber structure, drying time is reduced by 50%.

If you have to wash, dry, or even iron your bedding and pillowcases frequently, CARACTERE's Research and Development department manufactures pillowcases using VYLEX microfiber fabric. VYLEX is an opaque white fabric composed of a blend of Nylon, polyester, and viscose fibers.

The semi-durable washable pillowcases made of VYLEX are very easy to wash and quick to dry. They are highly resistant to stretching and friction from the head during sleep. The pillowcase is soft and pleasant to the touch, especially for the face, and has a visually appealing appearance.

If you sweat at night, the fabric absorbs moisture like natural fibers. The pillowcase features a 20 cm envelope flap to securely hold the pillow in place. The VYLEX pillowcases are very easy to wash and dry quickly.

Washing is recommended between 20°C and 70°C. They can be machine-dried, and if necessary, ironed at a low temperature. The approximate lifespan of a VYLEX pillowcase is about 1 year with frequent washing.

The Rectangular Pillowcase measures 50 x 75 cm. What is the lifespan of a VYLEX pillow? It is approximately 9 months to 1 year with daily use.

How to wash VYLEX pillowcases? Simply in the washing machine with a temperature ranging from 30°C to 70°C and traditional laundry powder.

Can VYLEX sheets and pillowcases be disinfected? It is entirely possible to disinfect VYLEX sheets and pillowcases during washing with non-chlorine products.




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