Flat Sheet LUXURY - Top Sheet - Single Bed - Double Bed - Elasticized - Set of 20 pieces

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For single bed: 170 x 230 cm
For double bed: 250 x 260 cm

You no longer want to spend time maintaining your laundry. Precious time and real cost for washing and ironing. Present flawless sheets without stains or odors.

The semi-durable disposable flat sheets from the EXTRA SOFT range are very soft, white, supple, and slightly absorbent.

There is no possibility of allergies with the sheets as the fabric is hypoallergenic.

All our customers, whether in hotels, lodges, or private individuals, are very pleasantly surprised by this quality. You sleep perfectly in them, and the sheets make no noise during sleep.

No perspiration because the fabric of the flat sheets is micro-ventilated.

Product Colour: White
100% recyclable product
Semi-durable product
Lifespan: Minimum one week under normal usage conditions.

The package includes: 20 flat sheets from the extra soft range.

Presentation of each sheet in an individually sealed bag with a size reference label for the sheet.