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Save money by purchasing in larger quantities.

The mattress protection cover has an elastic sewn all around to fit perfectly on the mattress. It can be used for about a week or more and should be changed for each new guest.

Presented in a sealed bag, it avoids any contact with dust and moisture, reducing the risk of dust mites. Once used, the protection can be placed in a plastic container for energy recovery recycling.

In the CHILD hospitality range, there are also other products such as sleeping bags, duvets for children's beds, and welcome slippers available in 5 different sizes.

This child mattress protection meets the needs of hotels, guesthouses, vacation homes, unexpected guests at home, and children who are not yet clean or sick. Having a protection or sheet tailored to the child's bed size, always clean and readily available, without having to plan for washing, drying, and ironing, is a major advantage.

The package contains 50 non-waterproof fitted sheet-style mattress protectors, presented in individual packaging.

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 50 pieces




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


 Soft and resistant