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Disposable slippers for hotel spa wellness pool 25 pairs

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Improve your image to your guest with disposable hotel slippers

The welcome slipper has become indispensable in the hospitality industry. Hotels and guesthouses no longer go without when it comes to offering meticulous services to their clientele. The Standard welcome slipper is made of very soft white brushed fabric, similar to sponge. It is equipped with a semi-rigid sole suitable for wet areas. It absorbs water from wet feet after showering or bathing. The sole is made of natural rubber, providing a cushioning effect when walking.

The pair of slippers is presented in a transparent sealed bag with a right and left foot. In addition to being genuine mules or slippers, hotel welcome slippers bring visible hygiene and comfort to guests. Don't let guests walk barefoot in the room or in the corridors of the establishment anymore!

The Standard slipper comes in two finishes at the ends: open toe or closed toe.

They are available in 5 sizes:
• 35 = 25 cm (± 1 cm),
• 39 = 28 cm (± 1 cm),
• 43 = 29.5 cm (± 1 cm),
• 46 = 31.5 cm (± 1 cm),
• 48 = 32.5 cm (± 1 cm).

Customization of the welcome slippers is possible through heat transfer, embroidery, and other sewn labels, with a minimum order requirement. Feel free to contact us; our team is at your disposal and can provide you with a personalized quote: +33 (0)1 49 89 01 83 or





 25 Pair




 Yes, through energy recovery


 Single use


 special non-slip sole

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