Baby sleeping bag 6 pieces

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A wonderful amenities product for parents who need the best for their children.

Presented in an individual sealed bag, the disposable baby sleeping bag is the solution for your housekeepers of the management and organisation of the linen, security and hygiene at the arrival of young baby's.

Provided with a sheet, it will allow you indeed to save time and money.

Once the parents arrive, you can leave the kit on the baby's bed, and leave the parents tuck the sheet in and then put their baby to sleep in the baby sleeping bag.

You won't need to clean, iron and look out for baby sheets! Our baby slepping bag will provide you security and hygiene, which will be much appreciated by th parents. It's lifespan is around 2 weeks.

It closes thanks to a Velcro scratch sewn on shoulders, and not press studs to avoid ingestions. There is also a zip fastener on the side to avoid injuries on the baby's neck.

finally, like our bathrobe it's a amenety that can be offer to the parents.

Size : fit children from 2 to 18 month thanks to closing Velcro.

Colour: White

Packing : trying kit of 6 pieces.