Plastic bag and Packing Seal Machine with impulse welding

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Plastic bag and Packing Seal Machine with impulse welding

Rapid and energy efficient impulse welding machine to seal bags and other plastic packages.

Lend an image of professionalism to your entreprise and cut costs with this useful and durable machine.

Easy to use: the user presses down the arm to securely and hygenically seal the package or bag in less than a second.

The sealing takes place via electric impulsion.

This innovative seal machine can weld both polyethylene and polypropylene bags up to a maximum thickness of 0.288 mm.

Up to 20 cm of package or bag length may be sealed in a single operation.

We have developed two types of resistance: one that fuctions simply as a welder (model SOU-200-P), and a second with the option to weld and cut at the same time when in use (model SOU-200-V).

Simple instructions and easy to operate: simply position the pieces to weld in working order and lower arm of the sealer. Contact is then made between the plastic and the machine, and the welding takes place in anywhere from one to three seconds depending on the quality of the plastic material and its thickness.

Model Number


Type of Resistance

Machine Width

Maximum Weld Thickness


220 V

Flat Resistance

20 cm maximum

0.28 mm max


220 V

V-shaped Resistance

20 cm maximum

0.28 mm max

If the user encounters any issues with the machine, we provide support, repairs and sell certain spare parts. For more information or large quantity orders, do not hesitate to contact us directly at