LUXE Slippers - Black - Thick and luxurious - Disposable - Set of 10 pairs.

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Shoe size to choose.

To welcome your precious guests, these specially made slippers will improve your establishment's reputation. Lend an image of luxury while cutting costs and controlling expenses.

This Deluxe slipper comes in black and is made of a soft, sponge-like material that's very comfotable. The soles are non-slippery, so the slipper can be used in the bath, the locker room and by the pool.

Design: Closed toed or open-toed

Quantity: The slipper comes in packages of 20

Colour: Black.

Size: Two sizes fits all, either 5-8½ (UK size) / 39-42 or 8½-11 / 43-46

Styles: Open-toed or closed-toed