Extra Children's Swimsuits, Bathing Suits, Swimwear for Boys, Male Teenagers - Boxer Style - 6 pieces

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Sets of 6 emergency bathing suits for families who forget to bring swimwear for their children. Perfect for hotels, resorts, camp sites and municipal pools

Hotels, resorts, spas, and camp sites with pools, or even public pools, frequently hear the same request from their visitors: "I forgot my child's bathing suit, do you have one for emergencies?"

Usually only the finest hotels come equipped with such bathing suits, and most concierges will give the client a negative answer or recommend they look elsewhere. Nothing is more frustrating to the visitor than an answer of this sort... But thanks to Disposable-Linen, now you and your establishment can be ready for this kind of request!

These stylish, new swimsuits are the perfect solution! Made from high quality polyester, they will endure wear in even the most chlorinated pools and saltiest sea waters without a problem.

To avoid conflicts over colour, we've chosen black because it suits the taste of 99% of users. Although very fashionable as they are, these swimsuits are not intended to respond to fashion trends with colourful patterns: They are meant to meet the immediate needs of the client more than a desire for style. In addition, they're perfect to give or sell to customers of resorts, spas and public pools with regulations or dress codes that do not permit the usage of other, more risqué or loose cut swim suits.

An elegant finish: This line of swimwear is made from a combination of polyester and Spandex (elastane) fibers to ensure a comfortable fit. The swimsuits will expand as the child grows, making the parents happy that they can reuse the bathing suit over and over.

An elastic waist band ties to ensure a proper fit. Looks and feels like any other type of swimwear, at a lower price than ever before.

At about £5 per unit, you can resell these snazzy bathing suits for twice or three times that much and make a profit!

Composition: 100% Polyester with Spandex fibers intermeshed for a comfortable fit.

Colour: Black.

Quantity: Sold in bulk by sets of 6 of the same size, for one low price.