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Men's Slipper Sandals in Dark Navy Blue - available in 5 sizes - 6 Pairs

6 pairs
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6 pairs of dark navy blue men's sandals, offered at one economically low price, for feet sizes 41 to 45 (EUR) / 7 to 10½ (UK).

Sandals, shoes, mules, clogs, flip-flops or slippers: Many names for the same excellent and afforable product from Disposable Linen.

Ideal for spas, swimming pools, saunas, steam room, hammams, whirlpools, massage lounges, and beach front resorts or hotels that want to offer their customers a hygienic and economical solution with which to walk around.

These shoes are stylish and durable, made of a strong and easy to clean, chlorenated, pool water-friendly PVC plastic. Even with a hard sole, they feel soft, flexible, and comfortable enough to be worn barefoot.

The soles also include non-slip bumps that prevent falls in wet places, such as pool decks, locker, shower and steam rooms.

The top of the sandal is made of a lightweight, breatheable plastic that prevents sweatiness and overheating by permitting the foot to breathe.

At about £6 per unit, you can offer these quality sandals for free to guests or resell them for twice or three times that much and make a profit!

The economic men's sandal comes in sets of 6 pairs in 5 different sizes, from 41 to 45 (EUR) / 7 to 10½ (UK).

Colour: Dark, navy blue.

Quantity: 6 pairs.

Sizes: 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45 (EUR) / 7, 8, 8½, 9½ and 10½ (UK).