Mattress Renovator with zipper - Fully zippered encasement mattress cover

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The Mattress Renovator is a second skin for the mattress.

The Mattress Renovator envelops the entire mattress to give it a new life.
It can also be used to prevent accidents and to keep the mattress looking fresh.
The Mattress Renovator is made of very thick, strong non-woven fabric.
The Mattress Renovator has two zippers to open and close on the sides, which allows a good seal.
The Mattress Renovator is available in 11 different sizes.
If you can not find your size, please write to us at  so that we can give you a quote for a minimum quantity of 200 pieces.
Colour: white
Quantity: 1

Prevent against Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and others.