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The pillow protection from the NUIDEAL range is a pillowcase liner with a large envelope flap, completely waterproof and breathable, and makes no noise.

This pillowcase liner fully protects the pillow from drool, bleeding, and urine.

The NUIDEAL pillowcase liner is made from a new technical fabric composed of a non-woven material and a breathable waterproof film. This combination offers flexibility, durability, and 100% waterproofing. The fabric's flexibility ensures that there is no noise during sleep. The customer does not notice the protection placed between their pillow and pillowcase, and does not feel it during sleep. There is no noise and no sweating; the pillow is completely enveloped and protected.

You should change the disposable pillowcase liners when they are soiled. Average lifespan: several weeks of use. However, they are not washable. This ensures impeccable hygiene.

Sizes: 45 x 70 cm and 50 x 75 cm for rectangular pillows; 62 x 62 cm for square pillows.

For all pillowcase liners, there is a large 15 cm flap that allows for a real and professional closure without any worry of the pillowcase opening.

The pillowcase is presented in a sealed individual packet that prevents dust, moisture, and dust mites from entering. Allergy risks are minimized. When the protectors reach the end of their life, they should be disposed of in the plastic container. The product will be recycled through energy recovery.

Recommendations: If you truly want to protect your bedding against sweat stains, drool, bleeding, urine, or feces, it is necessary to use the NUIDEAL range. For further information on different sizes or a quote for large quantities, please send us an email at or call us at +33(0)1 49 89 01 83.




 10 or 50 pieces




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


 100 Waterproof semi durable

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