Polyester Filling Sleeping Bag - Single Person - Pack of 1 Piece

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Size of the sleeping bag: 90 cm width - 200 cm length
Side opening of 90 cm to facilitate movement during sleep.


The polyester-filled sleeping bag is recommended for indoor sleeping in cottages, refuges, camping tents, or as extra bedding.

The sleeping bag is made from durable non-woven fabric with filling made of 3D hollow polyester fibers. The hollow fiber filling provides superior insulation and better retention of body heat. The weight of the sleeping bag is also lighter, reducing its bulkiness. For the use of this sleeping bag, the shelter temperature should not be below 9 degrees Celsius. It is not suitable for temperatures below 9°C.

The polyester sleeping bag can be used for several months under normal usage conditions.

If you need to use it for multiple successive individuals, it is imperative to use a sleeping bag liner or "sleeping bag liner" which will be changed after each rotation.

The package contains 1 sleeping bag.

The sleeping bags comply with the NF-EN-ISO-12952-1 standard in accordance with decree n°2000-164 of February 23, 2000, regarding flammability - flame retardancy.

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 1 sleeping bag




 Yes, through energy recovery


 semi durable


 Lightweight and hot