Mattress Protection - Fitted Sheet Style - STANDARD - Disposable - Non-Waterproof - Set of 50 Pieces

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Save money by purchasing 50 pieces.

"Available in 6 sizes for bed width, length, and mattress thickness: 70 - 80 - 90 - 140 - 160 cm.

The disposable fitted sheet-style mattress protector ensures immediate availability, visible hygiene without stains or hair, true comfort, and significantly reduced laundry work.

By purchasing in large quantities, you save on shipping costs. The product is perfectly preserved as it is sealed in a sachet, ensuring no dust or moisture, hence no dust mites and allergy risks. The sheet can be used for approximately ten days by the same person.

This product is currently enjoying great success among hotel professionals, lodges, and guesthouses. It also serves as a backup solution in case of delay or non-delivery of sheets by your professional laundry service.

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 50 pices




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use

DRA-H-70140-13-PP30         DRA-H-80195-20-PP30       DRA-H-90195-20-PP30         DRA-H-140195-20-PP30        DRA-H-160200-20-PP30