Mattress Protection - Fitted Sheet Style - STANDARD - Disposable - Non-Waterproof - Set of 20 Pieces

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The disposable non-waterproof fitted sheet-style mattress protectors are available for both children's and adult beds with widths of 70 cm, 80 cm, 90 cm, 140 cm, and 160 cm, suitable for mattresses with a thickness of approximately 20 cm. Each fitted sheet-style mattress protector comes with an elastic band that goes around the protector and fits under the mattress to secure it in place effectively.

The non-waterproof disposable mattress protector ensures impeccable hygiene for bedding. The mattress is always clean, odorless, stain-free, and free of hair or fur. In addition to visible hygiene, it saves time and storage space.

Gone are the protectors that shrink after washing, stains that don't come out after washing, hair that remains embedded in the fabric, and thefts. Not to mention people who remove them.

The non-waterproof mattress protectors are not plasticized and are to be placed directly on the mattress or on a waterproof mattress pad. They make no noise.

The non-waterproof mattress protectors are presented folded in an individual sealed bag.

After use, dispose of them in the plastic container for selective sorting for energy recovery recycling. Their lifespan is several days to a good week under normal conditions of use and hygiene.

Ideal for hotels, lodges, guest rooms, extra beds, unexpected guests at home, travels, or children who are not yet clean. No more washing, drying, ironing, and bulky storage!

For professionals, the non-waterproof disposable protector is also a backup solution in case of delay or non-delivery by laundries.

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 20 pieces




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


 Non waterproof


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