Top Sheet STANDARD COMFORT - Flat Sheet - Elasticized - Disposable - Pack of 25 pieces

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The top sheet from the STANDARD range is a flat sheet made of traditional non-woven fabric, which is soft and durable.

The disposable flat sheet appears to be a practical solution for maintaining optimal hygiene in various situations, especially when it is necessary to provide quick and clean bedding for unexpected guests or during travel. Here is a summary of the advantages and uses of this product:

1. Hygiene: The sheet is presented in an individually sealed, airtight packet, ensuring it remains clean, free of dust and moisture, until use.
2. Convenience: Easy to use like a regular flat sheet, simply unfold and tuck it in at the foot of the mattress and along the sides of the bed.
3. Durability: Its lifespan is similar to that of a fitted sheet, around ten days.
4. Versatility: Can be used not only on a bed but also to cover other surfaces such as furniture, sofas, chairs, etc.
5. Affordable cost: Compared to traditional fabric, it offers a much lower cost.

1. Rural lodging: Convenient for providing temporary bedding in vacation accommodations.
2. Extra bedding: Useful for quickly setting up an extra bed for guests at home.
3. Travel: Ideal for maintaining high levels of hygiene during travel or hotel stays.
4. Surface protection: Can be used to protect various types of surfaces from dirt and damage, especially in the presence of pets.

After use, it is recommended to dispose of the sheets in the plastic packaging container for energy recovery recycling, thereby contributing to reducing environmental impact.




25 pieces




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


smooth and resistant

DRA-D-170230-PP30          DRA-D-250260-PP30