Disposable Bath robe

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 Single use bathrobe for hotel and spa

The "Single Use Bathrobe", a best seller in hotels is now available to all of our customers.It absorbs water well and gives a perfect dry.

The price is great and that makes it a good gift as well.

You cannot imagine how elegant it is! It is manufactured in Absorbex-a soft and highly absorbent material.

Its finish makes it more than comparable to the traditional economic bathrobes without the high cost.

It can be worn around the room and by the pool as well. It is perfect for the VIP rooms or hotel rooms for the large seminars. For the ladies, it can be worn as a peignoir and without the high prohibiting cost to the hotels.

This great item can be worn for 1 to 2 weeks and is ideal for bath, shower, around the pool area or just lounging in the hotel room

The new finishing is of a waffle honeycomb design making it a beautiful accessory to any hotel room.

Belt in the pocket.
Pack of 5 pieces.
Incredible honeycomb design with waffle.
colour: White
Size : Unique.

If you have large quantity please contact us: info@caractere-paris.com