Disposable Duvet Comforter - 140 x 200 cm

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Disposable  Duvet/Comforter 140 x 200 cm


The filling of the semi-durable duvet consists of 3D siliconized hollow polyester fiber, ensuring a fluffy and voluminous appearance throughout the duvet's lifespan. Its soft touch provides maximum comfort for the user during the night. The duvet is lightweight and easy to store. Its lifespan is several months.

To extend its lifespan, equip it with a semi-durable duvet cover.

Each duvet is individually packaged in an airtight bag to guarantee impeccable hygiene and save space. To restore its fluffiness, the duvet can be laid out on the bed for a few hours before use.

All users appreciate snuggling inside and noticing that the duvet feels brand new: no prior washings and no lingering odors or hairs embedded in the fabric.

Semi-durable duvets are also used as extra bedding or for children who are not yet clean.

The package contains 1 or 5 individually packaged duvets.

Semi-durable indoor duvets are not suitable for temperatures below 9°C.

Remember to protect your duvet with a disposable single-use duvet cover available in the online store.

Our single and double duvets comply with the NF-EN-ISO-12952-1 standard in accordance with decree n°2000-164 of February 23, 2000, regarding flammability - flame retardancy.

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 Yes, through energy recovery


 Semi - durable


 Soft and fluffy