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The non-waterproof mattress protector fits perfectly on folding umbrella beds for babies and young children.

It has a latex-free elastic band all around to ensure a secure fit to the mattress.

The mattress protector ensures impeccable hygiene for the bedding provided to the child. The fitted sheet-style protector is always clean, white, odorless, and stain-free.

During a stay with a child in a hotel establishment, parents are very vigilant about the cleanliness of the sheets and duvets placed in the child's bed. It happens that with traditional cotton sheets, hair, fur, or stains remain embedded in the fibers even after washing. Semi-durable disposable fitted sheet protectors (lasting one week) help avoid scandal and negative publicity! They also act as a barrier against theft and damage often suffered by small-sized fitted sheet protectors dedicated to children's beds.

The mattress protectors are made from a soft and highly resistant non-woven material from the LUXE range.

The protectors are presented folded in an individual sealed bag. After use, they are disposed of in the plastic container for selective sorting for energy recovery recycling. They are 100% recyclable.

Each protector is presented in a sealed individual bag.

The disposable fitted sheet-style mattress protector is part of the child hospitality range, which includes a choice of a secured duvet, a sleeping bag, a Baby Box pouch, child slippers in 5 different sizes, and a semi-durable disposable mattress protector. The range is entirely 100% hygienic and 100% recyclable.

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 Fitted sheet LUXE


 25 pieces




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


Soft and resistant