Disposable waterproof mattress protector - NUIT TRANQUILLE- Fitted - 10 pieces

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 Waterproof mattress protector - Fitted - single bed (90 cm) to Californian King bed (210 cm).

The Nuit Tranquille mattress protector is a layer of protection that is placed directly on the mattress. It guarantees the user comfort during the night and preserves the mattress from external aggressions such as sweat, stains, hair, and pet fur.

The Nuit Tranquille mattress protector is a revolution in the world of semi-durable disposable bedding. Traditional disposable mattress protectors were typically composed of a soft non-woven outer layer and a plastic inner layer for waterproofing. Unfortunately, the plastic sheet made the protector noisy and uncomfortable. Sleepers often tended to remove the protector to reduce the noise and sweating sensation.

Caractère Hostellerie has solved this issue by manufacturing a mattress protector that combines a noiseless sheet ensuring almost impermeability with two layers of non-woven fabric. The result: no more noise when users move on the bed! The quality finishing, a trademark of Caractère Hostellerie, is always present. An elastic band runs around the entire perimeter of the protector, ensuring it stays securely attached to the mattress throughout its use.

The Nuit Tranquille mattress protector has become a flagship product in the hotel industry. Increasingly used in all hotel ranges, it is also ideal for guesthouses, vacation rentals, extra beds, unexpected guests, and travels. The average lifespan of the protector is 3 weeks or more. The Nuit Tranquille protector replaces traditional washable protectors, which have a very high maintenance cost.

Equipping with semi-durable disposable protectors ensures immediate time savings and undeniable hygiene benefits. No more fur and hair embedded in the fabric even after washing! No more washing and drying! Once used, the protector is disposed of in the recycling bin (plastic packaging).

The protector is used for several weeks as a fitted sheet is placed over it for sleeping. Always clean, it is presented in a closed individual packaging that protects it from dust. Very easy to store, it takes up much less space than a traditional washable protector. The protector is a non-allergenic product (reduces the risk of dust mite allergies) made of soft and resistant material.

The protector, with a skirt height (i.e., the mattress depth) of 15 cm, is designed for two-in-one mattresses or mattress toppers. It remains taut and does not slip off during the night. Typically, the mattress topper is between 5 cm and 12 cm thick. The Nuit Tranquille protector with a 15 cm height fits perfectly over their smallest thickness.








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Single use


 semi waterproof