Washable Fitted Mattress Protector - Waterproof - WET PROTECT - Set of 1 piece

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The washable fitted mattress protector, 100% waterproof and breathable, is the benchmark product for mattress protection in hotels. Suitable for mattresses ranging from 80 cm to 200 cm in width, with a thickness of 15 cm to 33 cm.

The mattress protector is made of cotton and polyester terry cloth coated with polyurethane. To allow the mattress to breathe and to avoid any risks related to moisture, the sides of the protector are made of a polyester mesh fabric that allows air to enter and exit the mattress.

It's a washable protector that doesn't make any noise (no crackling) and doesn't shrink after washing. The cotton/polyester terry cloth fabric with fine loops is thick and absorbent, providing real softness to the protector. This terry cloth fabric is resistant to washing and body movements in bed. The polyurethane coating provides flexibility and total impermeability, even against the strongest leaks. Ideal for incontinence and bedwetting in private homes or for use in hotels, lodges, or bed and breakfasts.

- 100% waterproof, completely leak-proof,
- Absorbent cotton polyester terry cloth fabric, breathable, prevents sweating,
- The looped terry cloth fabric absorbs both small and large leaks,
- Non-noisy and very flexible, this protector is invisible to your guests,
- It retains its properties and size even after 50 low-temperature washes,
- Our 25 to 35 cm deep pockets provide maximum grip on your mattresses and total protection for the sides of the mattress.
- The 25 to 35 cm deep pockets are made of a polyester mesh fabric that offers maximum ventilation to the mattress and avoids moisture problems.

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 Wet Protect


1 piece




 Yes, through energy recovery


 One use


100 % Waterproff

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